July 2023 - Publication alert

Published - Whop Whop: A dominant-negative avirulence effector of the barley powdery mildew fungus provides mechanistic insight to barley MLA immune receptor activation.

July 2023 - Sophie defends her Master thesis

OMG we did not take a picture! But I guess it is too late. Sophie did a great job in defending her project on cell death in monocots and AVRa-mediated cell detah inhibition

May 2023 - Publication alert

Wei’s work on proximity-labeling of Ustilago See1 targets in maize: Combination of in vivo proximity labeling and co-immunoprecipitation identifies the host target network of a tumor-inducing effector in the fungal maize pathogen Ustilago maydis.

March 2023 - Conference alert

Isabel holds a talk at the 42nd Annual meeting of the DPG Working Group Host-Parasite-Interaction in Freising.

February 2023 - Conference alert

Merle & Sophie present at the Molecular Biology of Plants Conference in Hennef. Sophie got a travel grant to attend the meeting!! WhopWhopp - Good job, great posters!

January 2023 - Publication alert

We uploaded our manuscript on A dominant-negative avirulence effector of the barley powdery mildew fungus provides mechanistic insight to barley MLA immune receptor activation. The manuscript was evaluated positively and is currently in revision for a soon publication :-)

December 2022

winter is coming….Xmas party and Sophie’s lovely advent calendar

November 2022 - Some members dared to enter UoC on 11.11.22

Of course, they dressed up to not appear too conspicuous among all the Jecken @ Zülpicher Str. Alaaf!

October 2022 - Retreat with AG Döhlemann

in St. Goar. Great science and great fun!

August 2022 - Conference alert

Merle presents a poster on her work on AVRA effectors at the Botaniktagung of the German Society for Plant Sciences, DBG. Very well done!

June 2022 - Travel grant for Merle - Great job!

Merle receives a travel grant to attend the 2022 Botaniktagung of the GGerman Society for Plant Sciences, DBG. Great job!

June 2022 - New group member

Sophie starts her work on AVR-mediated cell death inhibition. Welcome Sophie!

May 2022 - Another group dinner

@ Duma. Last time together with our first SHK Judith, who is off to the US for her Bachelor ’s thesis

May 2022 - Publication alert

We published a review in Essays in Biochemistry: Evolution of resistance (R) gene specificity. Pre-print available on Zenodo

April 2022 - Conference alert

The Saur lab attend this years French-German Workshop on Biotrophy and Plant Immunity AND both, Wei and Isabel gave an oral presentation! Thanks for having us!

April 2022 - Publication alert

With our collaborators, we published in New Phytologist: The stem rust effector protein AvrSr50 escapes Sr50 recognition by a substitution in a single surface-exposed residue.

February 2022 - First group dinner

@ La barra -cava y más-. But we forgot to take a picture….. :-(

February 2022

Big welcome to Merle and Wei!! Let’s get started!

January 2022

Emma joins the Lab! Whoop Whoop!

September 2021 - Conference alert

Isabel presents our newly etablished group’s projects @ the annual Powdery Mildew workshop. Meant to be in Zürich, but moved online instead…. :-(

September 2021

Saur Lab (AG Saur) starts @ the Institute for Plant Sciences, University of Cologne. Lots of stuff to organize now!

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